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Our buying processes is intended to make selling your cattle easy and putting money back into the farmers pockets quickly!

When you are ready to sell we send our buyer to your farm to price the cattle. After a visual evaluation is complete and the price is given and agreed to sell. The buyer then loads the cattle onto our trucks and takes it to be weighed on one of our certified scales. Checks are mailed within 24 hours of processing the cattle. 

We do offer ACH as a payment option to get your money faster.

** Visual evaluation includes evaluating their condition, health, and overall soundness. 


Perks of selling to us:

We pay premium for organic

We pay on live weight

No risk of condemn

Priced and picked up at your farm same day

No sales commission

 No struggle finding transportation

No hidden fees ($25 trucking fee per head)

Bonded and Licensed Dealer


What We Buy:

Organic Cull Cows

Finished Cattle

Packer Bulls

Fat Heifers or Steers

Replacement Heifers and Milk Cows (Upon Request)


Our prices change with the market.

 Call today for current pricing!

(937) 679-4000

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